Silvia Pilar Castro-Borrego ed., The Search for Wholeness and Diaspora Literacy in Contemporary African American Literature.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-4438-2837-6.214 pages.

The book consists of nine chapters plus an introductory chapter. This volume has as a cohesive argument the exploration of the different manifestations of the search for wholeness and spirituality in the writings of contemporary African American and African women writers, covering different literary genres such as fiction (both novels and short stories), drama and poetry. Together with the issue of spirituality, the African American search for wholeness is analyzed as a source of creativity and agency. As expressed in the contemporary literature of black women writers, starting in the 1980s, the search for wholeness reflects a beauty realized through the healing of the spirit and the body, and is a process that takes on dimensions of reconciling the past and the present, the mythic and the real, the spiritual and the physical—all in the context of an emerging world view that welcomes synthesis and expects both synthesis and generative contradictions.

The book will be a valuable collection for scholars of African American literature, comparative American Ethnic studies, American literature, spirituality, as well as women’s studies and cultural studies. In addition, it will be an important text for both undergraduate and graduate students of those fields.