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WALTON portadaDavid Walton

Los estudios culturales continúan siendo minoritarios en España, incluso en muchas facultades su entrada y aceptación es todavía difícil. Sin embargo, tanto en el resto de Europa como en los Estados Unidos su importancia no ha dejado de crecer desde su nacimiento en la década de los setenta del pasado siglo.

Teoría y práctica de los estudios culturales no sólo ayudará a los profanos a saber qué son los estudios culturales, y a acercarse a los conceptos básicos de esta disciplina, sino que además les permitirá comprender su importancia gracias a los ejemplos sacados de la vida diaria y de los que David Walton se vale para proponer una serie de ejercicios que permitan poner la teoría en práctica.

La obra, además, ofrece en cada capítulo una cuidada bibliografía para que aquellos que deseen ampliar sus conocimientos sobre un aspecto concreto sepan por dónde empezar y qué esperar. Igualmente cuenta con un completo glosario de términos y de referencias cruzadas.

Este libro es la mejor manera de acercarse a los estudios culturales y comprender en qué consisten y cómo llevarlos a cabo.

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Contemporary Writing and the Politics of Space

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contemporarywritingDavid Walton • Juan Antonio Suárez (eds.)
Contemporary Writing and the Politics of Space
Borders, Networks, Escape Lines
Oxford, 2017. X, 292 pp.

Cultural History and Literary Imagination. Vol. 26

This collective volume explores questions of space in contemporary literary texts from a range of theoretical perspectives.In addition to mapping the «spatial turn» in literary and cultural studies, this volume also brings together studies that apply spatial theory to the analysis of literary texts.

Contributors tackle a broad range of themes, including how prose fiction addresses spaces of intimacy, abjection, espionage, discipline, madness, post-human identities, post-communist cities, the architecture of dystopia, and coercive medical practices. In
turn, these themes open up analysis to key areas within contemporary literary and cultural criticism, including the study of sexuality, politics, power, and identity; the configuration of urban, regional, and national spaces and borders; and the delineation of private and public domains.

The contributors reflect on diverse authors from English-speaking cultures and focus on a variety of genres and periods while acknowledging recent research in space studies and offering original contributions to what has now become a thriving field.

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Recent publications on Motorcyle Cultures - David Walton

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David Walton, 'CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF A DEADLY KIND… FREEDOM, RIDERS, ROAD RACING AND RISK' IJMS (International Journal of Motorcycle Studies

David Walton, 'Closer to the (H)edge. Documentaries and the Isle of Man TT: From chronotopes and masturbation to celebrity culture', European Journal of Cultural Studies


David Walton, 'Place, Space and the Isle of Man TT. Probing the Boundaries of Hegemony Through Popular Culture' online paper published Interdisciplinary.net:


The London Lock Hospital in the Nineteenth Century

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431727 coverRomero Ruiz, Maria Isabel
The London Lock Hospital in the Nineteenth Century
Gender, Sexuality and Social Reform

Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2014. 220 pp., 5 b/w ill.

Print: ISBN 978-3-0343-1727-6 pb. (Softcover)

SFR 60.00 / €* 53.50 / €** 55.00 / € 50.00 / £ 40.00 / US$ 64.95
eBook: ISBN 978-3-0353-0617-0
SFR 63.20 / €* 59.50 / €** 60.00 / € 50.00 / £ 40.00 / US$ 64.95

Order online: www.peterlang.com

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Introducing Cultural Studies

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David Walton, University of Murcia
Sage Publications, 2008, 336 pages

An introduction to the practice of cultural studies, this book is ideal for undergraduate courses. Full of practical exercises that will get students thinking and writing about the issues they encounter, this book offers its readers the conceptual tools to practice cultural analysis for themselves. There are heuristics to help students prepare and write projects, and the book provides plenty of examples to help students develop their own ideas.
Written in a creative, playful and witty style, this book:

  • Links key concepts to the key theorists of cultural studies.
  • Includes a wide range of references of popular cultural forms.
  • Emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of cultural studies.
  • Includes pedagogical features, such as dialogues, graphs, images and recommended readings.

The book's skills-based approach enables students to develop their creative skills, and shows students how to improve their powers of analysis generally.

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Doing Cultural Theory

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David Walton, University of Murcia
Sage Publications, 2012, 352 pages

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Doing Cultural Theory teaches more than just the basics of cultural theory. It unpacks its complexities with real-life examples, and shows 42555 9780857024855readers how to link theory and practice. This book:
• offers accessible introductions to how cultural studies has engaged with key theories in structuralism, poststructuralism and postmodernism

• teaches straightforward ways of practising these theories so students learn to think for themselves

• uses 'Practice' boxes to show students how to apply cultural theory in the real world

• guides students through the literature with carefully selected further reading recommendations

Other textbooks only show how others have analyzed and interpreted the world. Doing Cultural Theory takes it a step further and teaches students step-by-step how to do cultural theory for themselves.

Culture and Power: Identity and Identification

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Editor: Ángel Mateos-Aparicio Martin-Albo and Eduardo de Gregorio-Godeo
Date Of Publication: Jan 2013
Isbn13: 978-1-4438-4200-6
Isbn: 1-4438-4200-1

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Questions of identity and identification are among the most important evolving concerns of contemporary cultural studies. Through 9781443842006processes of personal identification with discursively constructed subject positions, identities emerge across a wide range of cultural practices in the course of social interactions involving the use of language and other semiotic systems manifested in cultural artefacts of various kinds. The present collection includes a selection of papers on the topic of identity and identification in cultural studies today. Incorporating theoretical contributions and practical case studies, this monograph adds to contemporary debates on identity-forging practices from various theoretical positions in different social, historic and national contexts.

The chapters of this volume range from overtly theoretical discussions on the construction of identities and subjectivities in post-modernity, to examinations of the crucial role of (print) media in identity-construction and -representation processes in contemporary social formations through an insight into other key issues in cultural studies, such as gender politics and the construction of femininities, the hybridization of identities in the context of postcolonial work, and the interplay between collective identities and discourses on nation.

Dr Ángel Mateos-Aparicio Martín-Albo received his PhD in English and American Literature from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain, where he currently teaches several courses on contemporary English and American literature and culture.

Dr Eduardo de Gregorio-Godeo teaches British cultural studies and various applied linguistics-oriented courses at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain.


Women's Identities and Bodies in Colonial and Postcolonial History and Literature

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Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz (ed.), Women's Identities and Bodies in Colonial and Postcolonial History and Literature.
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle-upon Tyne, 2012.
ISBN 978-1-4438-3627-2, 171 pages.

womensbodiesPreface: Women’s Bodies, Identities and the (Post)colonial and the Burgeoning of Cultural Studies in Spain - David Walton

Introduction: Re-writing our Identities and Bodies Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz

Chapter One Bodies Revisited? Representations of the Embodied Self in Janet Frame’s and Lauris Edmond’s Autobiographies Valerie Baisnée

Chapter Two “All my Weapons within me:” Bodily Archives in the Caribbean Diaspora Manuela Coppola

Chapter Three Restoring the Real: Rememorying the Maternal Body and Recovery in Toni Morrison’s Sula and Beloved Wang Lei

Chapter Four The Taming of the Creole: The (Little) Death of Otherness in Wide Sargasso Sea Mariacristina Natalia Bertoli

Chapter Five Challenging the Tragic Mulatto Stereotype in Three Nineteenth Century African-American Texts Silvia Castro Borrego

Chapter Six Remapping the Racialized Body in Bharati Mukherjee’s A Wife’s Story Stefanovici Smaranda

Chapter Seven Shaping Female Identities and Bodies: The National Vigilance Association and the Social Purity Movement Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz

Chapter Eight From Public Body to Corpse: The Appropriation of the Female Body in Barker’s Blow your House Down and Atkinson’s One Good Turn Beatriz Domínguez García

Silvia Pilar Castro-Borrego ed., The Search for Wholeness and Diaspora Literacy in Contemporary African American Literature.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-4438-2837-6.214 pages.

The book consists of nine chapters plus an introductory chapter. This volume has as a cohesive argument the exploration of the different manifestations of the search for wholeness and spirituality in the writings of contemporary African American and African women writers, covering different literary genres such as fiction (both novels and short stories), drama and poetry. Together with the issue of spirituality, the African American search for wholeness is analyzed as a source of creativity and agency. As expressed in the contemporary literature of black women writers, starting in the 1980s, the search for wholeness reflects a beauty realized through the healing of the spirit and the body, and is a process that takes on dimensions of reconciling the past and the present, the mythic and the real, the spiritual and the physical—all in the context of an emerging world view that welcomes synthesis and expects both synthesis and generative contradictions.

The book will be a valuable collection for scholars of African American literature, comparative American Ethnic studies, American literature, spirituality, as well as women’s studies and cultural studies. In addition, it will be an important text for both undergraduate and graduate students of those fields.


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The essays in this volume have been translated into Spanish by Elena Olieta Aldea and the book is edited by Chantal Cornut-Gentille.

Publishing House: Letra Capital, Valencia, 2010
ISBN: 9788493716349

Language: Español
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 304

Lawrence Grossberg is one of the greatest exponents of cultural studies at the international level. His thought is characterized by philosophically inquiring into postmodern environments and alternative communication in today's society, from music, popular culture or American youth to politics and emerging counter-cultural discourses. This volume contains the first translation of his work in Spain and includes an extensive interview plus an introductory text by the author.
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Identidad, Migración y Cuerpo Femenino como fuentes de conocimiento y trasgresión

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Eds. Mª Isabel Romero and Silvia del Pilar Castro Borrego,   KRK Ediciones (Oviedo)
El libro consta de las siguientes partes:

I. Cuerpo, Identidad y Sexualidad Femenina
II. Identidad, Migración y Diáspora
III. Identidad, Migración, Interculturalidad y Feminismo Transnacional
IV. Identidad y Creatividad Femeninas a través de la Música, el Teatro y la Literatura.
V. Identidad Femenina Colonial y Poscolonial: Discurso legal y médico
VI. Interseccionalidad, Globalización y Políticas de género. 

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Cultural Migrations and Gendered Subjects: Colonial and Postcolonial Representations of the Female Body

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The volume is addressed to a wide readership, both scholarly and those interested in investigating the dynamics of the social and cultural conceptualizations of our multicultural and multiethnic contemporary societies, marked by the intercultural exchanges of migratory subjects from a gender perspective.


Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2011, 160 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-4438-2646-4
Editors: Mara Isabel Romero Ruiz and Silvia Pilar Castro Borrego

Silvia Pilar Castro Borrego is Lecturer of English and North American Literature and Culture at the University of Málaga, Spain. In 1997 she presented her PhD dissertation at the Universities of Washington, USA, and Granada, Spain, entitled "History, Memory, Recovery and Representation in contemporary Fiction by African American Women Writers." She was Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington during the academic year 1995-96 and Lecturer at the JFK Institute in Berlin, Germany, in the summer of 2003. She has co-edited the volume Identity, Migration and Women's Bodies as Sites of Knowledge and Transgression, published by KRK Editions in 2009, an interdisciplinary study of Migration and Diaspora from a postcolonial and gender perspective.

Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz is Lecturer in Social History and Cultural Studies at the University of Málaga, Spain. She graduated in English from the University of Málaga in 1990. She obtained her Master's Degree in Culture and Social Change from the University of Southampton, UK, in March 1992 and her doctorate from the University of anada, Spain, in 2002. She has published articles and chapters of books on women's social history and focusing on fallen women, child abuse and prostitution in Victorian England. She has co-edited a volume on .rnen's bodies and migration in history and literature entitled Migration and Women's Bodies as Sites of Knowledge and Transgression, published by KRK.