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2-4 October, 2013

Octuber 2

10:00-11:00 Registration and accreditation

11:00-11:45 Inaugural session

12:15-13:30 Plenary I

15:30-17:15 Panels 1 and 2

17:30-19:15 Panels 3 and 4

19:30-20:45 Plenary II

October 3

9:30-11:15 Panels 5 and 6

11:45-13:30 Panels 7 and 8

15:30-17:15 Panels 9 and 10

17:30-18:45 Plenary III

19:15 Guided City Tour

October 4

9:30-11:15 Panels 11 and 12

11:45-13:30 Panels 13 and 14


16:00-17:15 Plenary IV

17:30-18:45 IBACS meeting

21:00 Conference dinner


Plenary Lectures

George McKay, (U Salford) “Polemic Space, Protest, and the Garden”

John Storey (U Sunderland) “Spaces for Intimacy”

Jane Rendell (Bartlett School of Architecture-UCL) “From Critical Spatial Practice to Site-Writing”

Chris Weedon (Cardiff U) “Space and the Politics of Memory”



1- Outer Space: Science Fiction I

Bill Phillips (U Barcelona) “Space in Science Fiction”

Sara Martín Alegre (U Autónoma Barcelona), ““Space Opera Beyond Space: Iain M. Banks’s The Hydrogen Sonata (and the Politics of Subliming)

Jimena Escudero Pérez (U Oviedo) “Exploring Outer Space: The case of Moon”

José Manuel Sala (U Murcia), “Spatiality and Memory in Black Mirror”

2- Gender, Sexuality and Space

Ana Moya (U Barcelona) “Neo-Feminism and the Female Cosmopolitan Subject in Meyer’s The Holiday (2006)”

Cornelia Waechter (U of Paderborn), “Queering Prison Space in HBO’s Television Series OZ

Isabel Castelao-Gómez (UNED) “Feminist Geographies, the Gender of Displacement, and Women's Border Poetics

Teresa Gómez Reus (U Alicante) “Spaces that matter: The Ambulance Car in Women’s Narratives of the First World War

3- Outer Space: Science Fiction II

Rocío Carrasco (U Huelva), “Fluid Identities in the Space of Science Fiction”

Isabel Morales (U Camilo José Cela) “A Journey Through the World of Fantasy and Sexuality in Joanna Russ’s Kittatiny: A Tale of Magic

Rubén Jarazo, “Sex on board! Sex, gender and space in Doctor Who (2004-2013)”

Angel Mateos Aparicio (U Castilla-La Mancha) “‘Perfect Cities, Permanent Hells’: The Ideological Coordinates of Urban Space in Postmodern Science Fiction”

4- Geographies of Convergence and Disjunction

Carolina Sánchez Palencia (U Sevilla), “’The Tropics Make it Difficult to Mope’: The Imaginative Geography of Alexander Payne’s The Descendants (2011)”

Alicia Riquelme Ballesta (U Murcia), “Fictional Spaces for Post-Human Identities”

Anne Louise Kiss (U Potsdam) “The Diegetic Room in the Series Der Forellenhof (Germany 1965-66) and Xanadu (France 2011): Spatial Representation of the Functionality and Dysfunctionality of the Family Myth, the ‘Whole House’”

Gerardo Rodríguez (U Granada), “Community and space in Janet Frame’s The Carpathians

5-Investigating (Non-)Place

Chamee Yang (Seoul National U), “An Ethnographic Study of an Urban Café as a Non-Place”

Isabel García Conesa (U Politécnica-Cartagena) and David Juan Rubio (U Politécnica-Cartagena) “Tony Morrison’s Struggle for Black Identity”

Roman Horak (U of Applied Arts-Vienna), “Notes on the Street. Space, Place and Metaphor”

6- Thick / Thin Spaces

Radhouan ben Amara (U of Washington) “The Desert in Eastern and Western Literatures”

Nerea Calvillo (C+ arquitectos/U Alicante) “Dust Space”

Teresa Almeida and Rita Rodrigues, “An intrusive look into the inner space of matter

7- Space and National Identities

G. Kentak Son (King’s College, London) “Land as a Space for Discursive Loyalty: on the Public Sphere and Geographical Immobility During China’s Modernisation (1866-1925)”

Antonio Paoliello (U Edinburgh) “Defining Chineseness through Space and Language: the Case of Tiger Woohoo, a Sinophone Malaysian Film

Cândida Cadavez (Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies) “The imagined nation of Salazar: different spaces, same lesson”

Margarita Navarro Pérez (UCAM) “(Re)Creating Media(ted) Englishness(es): Spacing Through Contemporary Television Comedies in England

8- Remaking the Urban

Wook Inn Paik (Seoul National University) “Changes of Chongyecheon Landscape : From the modernization place to the postmodern space

Rosie Ferries (U of Sunderland) “The Realities of Ethnic Life in Sunderland, UK”

Miguel Mesa del Castillo (U of Alicante) “The Immaterial Factory and the Metropolitan Body: Toni Negri, Rem Koolhaas, and the Sociology of Associations”


9- Intimacies

Elisa Hernández Pérez (U Valencia) “The Family Home as a rough ‘habitat’ in the television series The Wire: the examples of Namond Brice and Michael Lee

Manuela Ruiz (U Zaragoza) “The ‘Quest Physics Theory’: Space, Intimacy and Romance in Ryan Murphy's Eat Love Pray and Nancy Meyers' The Holiday

Amparo Lasén (U Complutense de Madrid) and Elena Casado Aparicio (U Complutense de Madrid) “Locating intimacies in digital media practices: Gendered Choreographies of Inhibition/Exhibition”

Theodora Tsimpouki (U of Athens) “Dwelling and the House of the Collyer Brothers”

10- Spaces of Marginality and Abjection

Eduardo Barros Grela (U Coruña) “Voices of Silenced Childhoods: Wandering and Decentering Spatialities in Contemporary Film”

Férez Mora (U Murcia) “The Spaces of Madness in Dennis Cooper’s Narrative”

Laura Torres Zúñiga (U Murcia) “Thresholds of Abjection: Identity and Space in Tennessee Williams’s Early Fiction”

J. Rubén Valdés (U Oviedo) “Music, Space, Culture: Joy Division’s Positive Negative Spatiality

11- Relocating Classic Literature

María Luisa Pascual Garrido (U Córdoba) “Reconfiguring Prospero’s ‘Poor Cell’: The Island from Text to Screen”

Mª Isabel Jiménez González (UCAM) “Inner and Outer Space in Edgar Allan Poe”

Natalie Gómez Handford (Birzeit U-Palestine) “Park and the Garden as Spaces for Intimacy: Human Relationships in the Novels of Jane Austen”

Margarita Rigal (U Castilla-La Mancha) y José Manuel Correoso (U Castilla-La Mancha) “Poe’s ‘Spaces’ and the TV Series The Following

12 - Grounds of Surveillance and Control

Ana Rull Suárez (UNED) “Pynchon’s Against the Day: Sociopolitical Suspicion and the Double Spaces of Espionage

David Edward Griffiths (U Cantabria) “Coercive Hospital Infrastructure in The Regeneration Trilogy”

Chus Gutiérrez (U Murcia) “Space and Power in the narrative of W.B. Sebald and Thomas Bernhard”

Angel Galdón Rodríguez (U Castilla-La Mancha) “Two spaces in dystopian society: the opposition between the metropolis and natural space

13- Postcoloniality and Diasporas

Felicity Hand (U Autónoma Barcelona), “Negotiating Spaces in the ‘Rainbow Nation’”

Miquel Pomar Amer (U Manchester) “Intergenerational conflict and negotiation inZahid Hussain’s The Curry Mile (2006)”

Juan Tarancón (U Zaragoza) “Framing La Raza: Space and Identity in Chicano Art”

Dan Iulian Toader (Language Center-U Salamanca) “A space of cultural distinctions and divides. Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima


14-Peripheries, Interstices: Out There/In Between

Jorge Figueira (U Coimbra) and Rita Bastos (U Beira Interior), “Reinvented Spatialities: the representation of the African colonial space in the Portuguese cinema

Martyna Bryla (U Málaga) “Eastern Europe as a Liminal Space in the Life and Fiction of Philip Roth”

Isabel Santaularia (U Lleida) “Communist Spaces in Contemporary Crime Fiction Written in English”

Tomás Monterrey (U La Laguna) “Bridging the Canary Islands in Ewing Campbell’s Afoot in the Garden of Enchantments


Culture and Power 2013- “Spaces.” Conference Schedule

October 2


Registration and accreditation

Hemiciclo de Letras


Inaugural session

Hemiciclo de Letras


Coffee break (outside Hemiciclo)

12:15-13:30 Plenary I

Plenary I: George McKay (U Salford) “Polemic Space, Protest, and the Garden”

Hemiciclo de Letras


Panel 1

Outer Spaces: Science Fiction I

Panel 2

Gender, Sexuality and Space


Panel 3

Outer Spaces: Science Fiction II

Panel 4

Geographies of Convergence and Disjunction


Plenary II:

John Storey (U Sunderland) “Spaces for Intimacy”

Aula Antonio Soler

October 3


Panel 5

Investigating Place

Panel 6

Thick/Thin Spaces


Coffee break (outside Hemiciclo)

11:45-13:30 Panels 7 and 8

Panel 7

Space and National Identities

Panel 8

Remaking the Urban

15:30-17:15 Panels 9 and 10

Panel 9


Panel 10

Spaces of Marginality and Abjection

17:30-18:45 Plenary III

Plenary III: Jane Rendell (Bartlett School of Architecture-UCL) “From Critical Spatial Practice to Site-Writing”

Hemiciclo de Letras

19:15 Guided City Tour

Meeting point: Campus de la Merced (between Edificio de Letras and Aulario de la Merced)

October 4


Panel 11

Relocating Classic Literature

Panel 12

Grounds of Surveillance and Control


Coffee break


Panel 13

Postcoloniality and Diasporas

Panel 14

Peripheries, Interstices: Out there/In between

16:00-17:15 Plenary IV

Hemiciclo de Letras: Chris Weedon (Cardiff U) “Space and the Politics of Memory”


IBACS meeting

Hemiciclo de Letras

21:00 Conference dinner

This can be booked on line on the IBACS web page or on the first day of the conference at the conference desk.