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For those of you who may be looking for publishing opportunities:

Edinburgh University Press publishes over 40 journals in humanities and social sciences subjects including Language and Literature, Historical Studies and Cultural Studies. The study of culture is a prominent across many of our journals including, Cultural History, Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies, Nottingham French Studies, Modernist Cultures and Afghanistan. The Press also publishes an average of 120 books per year in areas such as Scottish Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Politics, Philosophy, Film Studies and Literary Studies. Browse all books here: edinburghuniversitypress.com/.

In particular, Cultural History is a biannual journal published by Edinburgh University Press for the International Cultural History Society. It explores the ways in which people in the past orientated themselves as individuals and groups towards other individuals, groups, regions and countries. The journal welcomes high-quality submissions from any discipline that brings contemporary cultural theories and methodologies to bear on the study of the past, regardless of historical or geographical focus. The journal also invites articles that reflect on the ways in which more practical environments such as museums and the heritage industry engage with current debates in cultural history.