Hi all! My name is Jose Manuel Sala, I am currently a PhD student at the Culture and Media Studies department at the University of Murcia.  I finished my degree at English and Culture Studies at the University of Leeds and I studied my Master of Contemporary Literature from Leeds Metropolitan University. I am starting to develop my study about memory and identity represented in television series of the last decade.

In my blogging I will post some brief articles, YouTube videos, twisted comments, rhetorical observations about reality, technology, art, literature or any simply random suggestions to anyone studying the same aspects of the cultural aspects of the day by day. I will try to justify (in a very polite way) why authors such as Jean Baudrillard,  Derrida, Adorno or Freud can be important in our society in order to (try to) understand how  people can connect to each other. Culture Studies is one of the most enriching and innovating aspects to rediscover every aspect of our lives. 

Question is, are you ready to explore it with me?